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5 Steps to the Alter
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E-BOOK- Taking Care of "Wife" Business


Many Christian women are frustrated with the challenges of marriage and the pressure to avoid divorce. It's necessary to become properly equipped with the knowledge to  form a good marriage relationship.   If you have been wondering what you should do to ensure that you are being a Godly wife so you can do what it takes to build your marriage strong, then this book offers an easy to follow guide that provides the pratical steps that you have been seeking.

‚ÄčE-BOOK- How to be a Christian


As a woman on a mission for Christ, it is important to have a sound and stable mind when it comes to what you know about your spirituality and your walk with God.  There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding what separates the saved from the unsaved. Your walk with Christ is not something that you should be unsure about. This book will bring you clarity and understanding according to the word of God. Discover what it really means to give your life to Christ. After reading this book, you will have the understanding that you need in those times when you feel challenged about your connection to God.   More.........

E-BOOK- Tap Into Your Power

As a woman on a mission for Christ, it's important to have confidence. Create a powerful self presentation, and learn how to develop Godly wisdom. This books will help you learn to focus on the things that are great about you, rather than the things that you feel you lack. Learn how to develop and see the greatness that God has placed within you. Once you master these confidence builders, you will have more courage to carry out your mission for Christ and reach your destiny.  MORE..................

E-BOOK- 5 Steps to the Alter
Love and marriage can certainly be a tremendous blessing, but it can also be one of the most challenging areas of a woman's life. Whether you've been married for years, or you're single and preparing to meet Mr. Right, this book offers an amazing amount of clarity as it relates to the dynamics of male and female relationships. This book will help you choose wisely and enjoy marriage more in the way God intended.  More.......
E-BOOK- How to tell if He's the one

Marriage is not just about romance, hugs, and kisses. It's also about maturing, obedience to God, and learning to put another's needs ahead of your own. That rude awakening is the reason many marriages end in divorce. This book offers a realistic idea of what to expect from a lifetime commitment to a husband.  It can be a wonderful experience, but make sure you are up for the challenge and examine if you have the right partner to help you see it through until death do you part. This book will show you what a strong marriage partner looks like, so you can make a good choice for yourself and your entire household.

E-Book Conquer Your Fears        
Get it done! If doubt and fear have been standing in between you and the action you need to take to have what you want this year, then it's time for a change.  Let this book help you conquer your fears and get moving forward toward the things you desire in 2014!