Good Marriage Good Life!

As a woman with goals, you will certainly encounter numerous obstacles. When the trials and tribulations of finding yourself and your purpose hits, I have found that having the love, support and appreciation of a good husband can greatly elevate and enrich the overall quality of a woman's life. Therefore, I believe it's worthwhile to choose as wisely when agreeing to partnet with someone for life, and it's a good idea to invest the time and energu necessary to cultivate a good marriage to draw from in your time of need.

In my Love and Marriage Coaching Sessions, I share a Biblical perspective designed to help equip marriage minded women to gain a more clear vision of what a Godly union should look like, so whether you are married or single, you can get a good idea of what you're striving for, if a good marriage is what you desire.

I know that there are many women who are motivated to gain some understanding as it pertains to God's proper process for finding and building a strong love and marriage relationship. I have done what I can to shed some insight on this area of life for those who have been praying and seeking to gain more biblical understanding, as well as perspective from someone who desires love, happiness, and 'til death do us part' from a Godly union.

When it comes to Love and Marriage, I speak as a Christian woman who has weathered some storms and is still happily and gratefully married since 1995. As a result of what I've studied in the Bible, as well as what I've experienced and what I've seen others encounter, I have decided to share some insight that I believe can make a positive difference to a woman who desires to please God with her life's choices. The goal is to help single women to choose a husband wisely, and to help married women survive and thrive amist the ups and downs of marriage. If you are interested in understanding some of the dynamics of marriage, I invite you to take a look at the many things that I have composed as it relates to choosing a partner for life.

I also provide relationship books, including one of my favorites called "5 Steps to the Alter" in my e-book store. These books are conveniently available for download, so you can read them right away! I wish all of my sisters in Christ good success in love and marriage as we stand as examples of the love and light of Christ.

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