Are you prepared for the Success that You say you want?

Have you ever sensed that there was something big and good coming your way but you didn't want to rush it because when it comes you want to be prepared?

It's like a pregnant woman who feels the desire to see her baby, but she also appreciates the moments before her due date because she knows when the baby gets here her life will change forever in many good and also challenging ways.

I believe that when you aquire some wisdom, you learn to never be anxious for anything. You want all things in their due time.

Wisdom has taught me that the only thing worse than not having what you want is having what you want before you are prepared to handle it.

For instance when I opened my first salon in 1999, I was so nervous about whether I'd have enough customers to sustain all my new business expenses. I had loans for equipment that had to be repaid, I had tons of utility bills, products, supplies, and even payroll. It was overwhelming to think about what I would do if the customers didn't come. But to my surprise, they did come. They came suddenly, and unexpectedly sooner than I could have ever imagined. They came in droves, and they came so quickly, that I didn't have enough staff prepared to meet the demand. I never would have imagined that being my problem, and a problem it was. God used that experience to train me to not just pray for success but pray to be prepared for it.

Many Entrepreneurs are focused on having more business but have you imagined what it would be like in your business on a day to day basis if you had all the business that you say that you want? Are you truly prepared to meet their needs? Do you run your business now as if those people were already present?

It's truly something to consider. If you need help determining if you are truly prepared for what you say you want then let's talk about it. Book a session with me.

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