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Did you know that the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs 31 was a successful Entrepreneur? She created an international garment business out of her skills as a seamstress.

Another unsuspecting entrepreneur in the Bible was 'The Widow' in the book of Kings. Her husband died, and not only did he leave her and their two sons with no provision, but he also left them with so much debt that the creditors were threatening to take her son's into slavery to work off their father's bad business deals. Back then there was no Equifax or Transunion to give you the score of shame as punishment for not paying your bills, instead you or those you loved were sentenced to hard labor.

Can you imagine the fear, the shame, and the pain this widow was facing? She had to find a way to deal with that crisis situation, while also dealing with the loss of her husband as he lay resting in peace.

However, God is a good provider and sometimes we don't just need a quick fix to solve our problems, we need a jolt of wisdom to strengthen our minds. Thank God this woman in this seemingly dead end situation had the good sense to seek some wise advice from someone who had vision, creativity, and the annointing of God. Through the good advice she received, she was able to recognize a valuable product that she already had in her possession. With God's blessing upon it, she ultimately had enough of it to sell it in abundance, and eventually get out of her horrible debt. She managed to save her son's from slavery, and become financially free and independent for the rest of her life. There's nothing like being put in a bad situation to motivate you seek some good counsel.

This Bible lesson should be encouraging to anyone who believes in the love and provision of God. We see here that even when those close to you let you down, God can still provide a solution to your crisis.

So if you are currently feeling stress over a shortage of money, or you are feeling boredom over your lack of productivity, then my question to you is "Could you be sitting on your own God given gold mine? If so, perhaps the advice of someone who has vision, creativity, and God's anointing can help. If you are ready to uncover your valuable God given gift, then Click here to find out how you can schedule my Business ID Session.

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