As women who are living for Christ, once we give our lives to Christ, we have to practically relearn how to relate to men according to the way God intended. Whether you are married or single it helps to get Godly counsel at those times when you feel challenged:


to figure out what you may be doing wrong

to cultivate more realistic expectations

to get clear about what you should expect from a man

to get clear about what God expects of you

to learn how to break the curse of Divorce

to learn how to survive the tough times in marriage


If you are at this point, then Christian Love and Relationship coaching can help.


Book your in depth Session today!  Get what you need to gain some real understanding about the roles in Christian love and marriage relationships from a Biblical point of view.

God is the creator of Love and Marriage, and Tonya has done the work of seeking His formula for success to provide you with the true source of spiritual guidance you need.

Sessions with VLC will provide you with understanding that will help detect where the problem lies in your relationship dilemma, and exactly what you need to do to get aligned with God's will and get things back on track.

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