How to tell if He's the ONE

Are you seriously considering a certain someone for marriage!


"How to tell if he's the One" is the perfect tool to help you eliminate  the challenges of determining what kind of man  actually makes a good partner for love and marriage. 


This study lesson provides a 32 point checklist that will give you excellent insight to help you examine the things you should consider as it concerns what it actually takes to make a marriage work.

You'll learn about the type of things that come up after you make a life time commitment, which will make it clear exactly why so many marriages don't survive. 


The divorce rate is high even among Christians. As a women on a mission for God, it is important to your destiny that you make good and wise decisions, especially concerning who you choose to spend your life with.

Get spiritually educated about the character traits and commitment necessary to make a SUCESSFUL and happy marriage that is Blessed by God.