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Anxiety - What God says we should do about it

Are you Sure You're Saved?- Life coaching journal

Do you ever wonder if you really have this Christianity thing right? Do you question if you really understand what Jesus Christ expects from you as His disciple?  There is no question that the gospel has been compromised for the sake of money. In this era of expensive mega church buildings that must be paid for and pulpits that are for sale to celebrity entertainers who are screaming Jesus one day and profane blasphemies the next, it may be hard to know who's words you can trust with the biggest decision you'll ever have to make for your soul. It's the biggest question you need to answer while you still have life, and that is 

"Are you Sure You're Saved?"

This coaching journal will share 5 very important questions to help you know once and for all what Christianity really looks like according to what God's word says, not just what people with money making agendas say.