Bible Study- Re-Invent Yourself Elisha & The Widow

Get A Vision for your Finances

Learn to build a solid and secure income!

Life is filled with unexpected circumstances that can take you from a peaceful existence to a period of extreme worry. Taken straight from the pages of the Bible, this biblical journal maps out a plan of action that saved one women who was in extreme distress, so why can't it save you too?  This is one of the most fascinating and informative Biblical journals I've ever written. If you've been seeking a plan to change your financial condition, why not try The Elisha plan?


This book will help you to:

· Clarify some simple yet important responsibilities of a business woman 

· Build your confidence in your ability to solve your financial woes

· Visualize what it takes to transition from a victim to a problem solver

· Equip you with a simple yet GODLY template for business skills

· Empower you with timeless biblical principals for women that you can pass on

  to your own daughter and others who are under your realm of influence 



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