Bible Study- What to do when your marriage is under spiritual attack

Think Like A Wife- Life coaching journal

Learn to build a solid and secure marriage!

It's a great thing to be a wife, and it's a great thing to want your marriage to succeed, but it actually takes skills to help cultivate a strong marriage bond between husbands and wives. Get some information that can strengthen and perhaps even save your marriage when times get tough. This biblical coacging journal is available to you  for a fraction of what you'd spend on one of my Love and Marriage Coaching Sessions. It will share and explain some of the many Virtuous principles of learning to "Think Like A Wife".


This book will help you to:

· Clarify your responsibilities as a wife

· Build your confidence in your ability to be a good spouse

· Teach you what it really takes to cultivate a strong marriage bond.

· Equip you with GODLY 'wife skills'

· Empower you with timeless biblical principals for women that you can pass on

  to your own daughter and others who are under your realm of influence