Love and Marriage Class  

 March 15, 2014 11am

Are you ready to explore Love and Marriage according to the word of God?

Are you tired of speculating about the mysteries surrounding why men do the things they do and why some relationships end in disaster while some others last for a lifetime? Join me for a class that will provide you with some REAL answers that are not off the top of anyone's head, but straight from the mind of the one who actually created Love and marriage, our Father God!If you are a women who is seeking a Christian approach to relationships, then RSVP for this Biblically based class and perspective on Love and Marriage.


This FREE Class will cover:

1.Dating- How to appropriately and effectively interact when getting to know a man.

2. The guidelines for choosing someone who is equally yoked.

3. Three dynamics of a successful marriage

4.Three key things wives should know about nurturing, managing, and guarding their marriages.


If you are ready for sound doctrine that will produce the kind of spiritual growth necessary to actually apply the word of God to your life, and to your peace of mind in the area of Love and Marriage, then please be my special guest at this enlightening and spiritually uplifting event. Space is limited so please only RSVP if you are sure that you can come to ensure that no seats are wasted.Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you there!


Please Be Advised:

All attendees must be at least 18.

Please turn off your cell phones upon arrival.

All attendees must register individually to be on the admissions list.