As an experienced Entrepreneur, Licensed Beauty Professional, and Christian Bible Teacher, I have spent two and a half decades working in the area of self improvement in a professional capacity. I have tailored my skills to offer women a unique blend of services to assist them in defining and presenting themselves with the confidence and clarity necessary to achieve new and exciting goals in the areas of Beauty, Business, and Spiritual Balance for ministry, entrepreneurship, and living the Christian Lifestyle.

I have a passion for working with women who want to grow spiritually with a focus on personal development and self improvement as it pertains to living our lives in Christ. 

It's all for the purpose of reaching our fullest potential and achieving our individual God given assignments and destiny.

Equipped with a degree in Fashion Marketing as well as a Master of Cosmetology License, Christian teacher's training, and over 20 years of experience as a wife, a committed Christian, and a business owner, I am confident and willing to assist women who are ready to experience genuine positive transformation from the inside out.


Virtuous Life Coaching is here for all the women who are ready to apply themselves to the process of discovering, cultivating, and revealing all of the God given treasures that lie within US!

 Providing Services that build Beauty from the Inside Out

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