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2020 may mean it's time to
Re- Invent Yourself- Learn How one woman went  from Distress to SUCCESS through Entrepreneurship!

Happy New Year 

The Bible shares one of the most inspiring stories  I have ever read about a widow who was left alone to cope with a horrifying situation, but with the right Godly wisdom and advice, she transformed her circumstances completely. It's one of my classics, and also my favorite Bible stories of encouragement and motivation to transform your life! 

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Get Some Love And Marriage Encouragement

Marriage can be challenging on a good day. So what do you do when things are not great between you and your spouse? in tough times it becomes especially challenging to honor your vows and commitments and turn to the Godly way of dealing with things when the world's way is so popular, and so prevalent. In those times when you're not sure what to do, let the word of God guide you back to a good place. Learn how to think like a wife! Take a look at another Bible study Classic.

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